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Nation Descriptions - MNCommunities - 07-30-2015

As you can all see, there is a Directory of Nations category that links to micronations directly from these forums. They look kinda blank and lame.

I am planning to put some serious effort into promoting through Google ads, Facebook ads and other advertisements. This will help drive traffic to our micronations as well! We need the following from nations hosted here so we can spiff up the directory:

 - Official full name of your micronation
 - A small flag of your micronation (75x75 or 75x50)
 - A description to put in the forum of no more than 100 words.

RE: Nation Descriptions - PassioCorumGov - 07-30-2015

The Realm of Passio-Corum

[Image: vTIgeFT.png]

Established in 753 WG by wealthy migrants from Haifa and Hamland, the Realm of Passio-Corum is a diverse, culturally rich nation, which places a strict emphasis on economic development. Located in Northern Corum, Passio-Corum – otherwise known as New Zimia – is a theocratic constitutional monarchy who's rulers trace their lineage from King Lucien I, the patriarch of the modern-day region of Passas, in Southern Hamland. Today, Passio-Corum is perhaps best known for its significant military technology industry, which represents around half of the nation's overall economy.

RE: Nation Descriptions - MNCommunities - 07-30-2015

I have added the description as submitted. Also - I link Passio-Corum directly to their main site from here, and there is no link to the forums from the main blog. Should I direct the link to the forum or to the main website?

RE: Nation Descriptions - Stormark - 07-30-2015

The High Realm of Stormark

[Image: 2sa05dx.png]

The High Realm of Stormark is a constitutional hierogamy whose monarch traces zir lineage back to the Goddess Freyja and who is also wed to the Three Ladies Divine Frigga, Freyja and Idunn who are the Fulltrui and Sacred Queens of Stormark. Its libertine and matriarchal society, which is both modern and ancient, is inspired by Vanic, Viking and Valtian culture and lore, but the country also has always had its very own way of doing things and that's the way the Stormarkers like it.

RE: Nation Descriptions - Edgard - 07-30-2015

Thank you! I have added the description.

RE: Nation Descriptions - Stormark - 07-31-2015

You're welcome. Smile

The link in the text of the description seems to be broken.

RE: Nation Descriptions - Edgard - 07-31-2015

Let me fix that. Smile

RE: Nation Descriptions - joefoxon - 08-03-2015

Quote:Republic of Mercury
- [Image: attachment.php?aid=26]

Would someone else be willing to write a description? I feel like I'd me hugely biased Tongue

RE: Nation Descriptions - Edgard - 08-03-2015

(08-03-2015, 07:25 PM)joefoxon Wrote:
Quote:Republic of Mercury
- [Image: attachment.php?aid=26]

Would someone else be willing to write a description? I feel like I'd me hugely biased Tongue

Well, that's kind of the whole point. Wink If you come up with something we can revise it here and make any edits or changes as needed. Think of a description no longer than 100 words that would describe Mercury to someone seeing this page for the first time.

You can start with something like "The Republic of Mercury is a [descripton of the state, ex. "a constitutional democratic republic blah blah blah"] Its capital is Mercury City..." I would include little tidbits about its culture to interest people.

RE: Nation Descriptions - Jonas Windsor - 08-06-2015

The link to Alexandria doesn't work if you don't remove the 'www'.