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Passas' Birthday - PassioCorumGov - 07-30-2015

Passas (Southern Hamland) celebrated its ninth birthday yesterday.  The Republic of Passas was established on July 29, 2006.

RE: Passas' Birthday - Edgard - 07-30-2015

Congratulations on Passas' 9th birthday yesterday! Smile Indeed an important milestone.

RE: Passas' Birthday - PassioCorumGov - 07-30-2015

Thanks.  It feels good to have remained interested in the same project for so long.

RE: Passas' Birthday - Edgard - 07-30-2015

Are there any celebrations or ceremonies to attend? This needs to be celebrated!

RE: Passas' Birthday - PassioCorumGov - 07-31-2015

I hadn't planned on doing anything, to be honest.  Any celebrations will probably be delayed until the nation turns 500 years old, IC.  That'll happen in 30 weeks or so.

RE: Passas' Birthday - Edgard - 07-31-2015

Makes sense. I'll stockpile the champagne for then. Wink

RE: Passas' Birthday - PassioCorumGov - 08-04-2015

Excellent.  Rumor has it that Alexandria stores some of the best champagne anywhere in the world Wink

RE: Passas' Birthday - Edgard - 08-05-2015

Wink And we'll only bring the best for the celebration! Wine too. And perhaps rum from San Martin as well?