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Alexandrian news thread
I'll be using this thread to post links to all the latest Alexandrian news articles and events.

Hopefully this will motivate other MNCommunity nations to start their own threads as well. Smile
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May 7th, 2015

Quote:National Holidays
- On a day like today in 2002, an awkward high schooler in Grand Rapids, MI founded the Kingdom of the Union of Madland from his parent's basement. 13 years later, you now have the Empire of the Alexandrians. Over in Alexandria we are celebrating our 13th birthday today - any and all Natopians are welcome to join us for celebrations.
- Foundation Day Parade in downtown Geneva.
- His Imperial Majesty has issued this year's Foundation Day Honors and Birthday Honors combined (elections were happening during the Emperor's birthday, and opted to wait until after elections). In these honors, the Emperor of the Natopians and the Chancellor of Natopia have both been honored. Congrats!

Politics and Government
- The Union for the Democratic Movement and the Liberal Alliance have reached a landmark coalition agreement to form the next Government in Alexandria. First Consul Sebastian Goddestreu will remain as First Consul and President of the Government, with Ms. Juana Beazcoetxea as Vice-President of the Government and the Foreign Affairs/Defense portfolios.
- The Imperial Assembly has opened for its fourth session under the Alexandrian [May] Constitution of 2014.
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Massive volcanic eruption in South Tapfer
Large Parts of South Tapfer A 'Ghost Town' After Volcanic Eruptions Blankets Area in Ash
Conservative Deputies concerned over Cannabis Bill
Chaos, despair descends into Port Alexandria as eruption continues
Relief efforts triple under Imperial Government action
Coalition Government passes early test, despite objections
Mireille Bessette elected new leader of the Socialist Party

National IOP/ABC News Poll - Current Party Standings
Where's Our Government?
South Tapfer volcano calms down... for now

Pan Imperial Games begin as Empire's future clouds
Bloodbath in Geneva, Markion and Wesloderia marks failed coup attempt
Official Population Numbers of Alexandria

[ALX] Preliminary polls put Liberal Alliance ahead, Socialists second, UMD third
[ALX] August 2015 General Election Results
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[ALX] News shorts from around the Empire, 8-20-15

[ALX] Coalition talks fail, Liberal Alliance to form minority government

[ALX] Shootout in State Opening of the Imperial Assembly
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