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Welcome to MNCommunities.org!
Having your project hosted on MNCommunities brings the following benefits:

  1. Dedicated web space for your geofictional project - this includes space for a WordPress blog and a forum. We can set up MyBB, phpBB3, SMF, PunBB, Vanilla Forums.
  2. Full FTP access to your project's folder within MNCommunities.
  3. A free MNCommunity web address as follows: [nameofnation].mncommunities.org. (Ex. hamland.mncommunities.org) You get to decide where the domain points (to the forum, to a blog, a webpage, etc.)
  4. Full, independent administrative control of the blog and forums. Separate arrangements may be made to allow a MNCommunity webmaster admin access to your blog or form for maintenance, or to adjust this provision to fit the project needs.
  5. Being automatically part of all MNCommunity efforts to promote itself and attract participants to the community, and input on these marketing campaigns.
  6. Use of an @mncommunities.org email address. In the past these have been used as forwarding addresses to other email addresses, for example.
Owner and Chief Webmaster

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