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Realizing the promise of MNCommunities
So, MNCommunities was created to help offer worthy micronationalists with hosting options for their projects that would allow them to set up things like Wordpress, forums, etc. I also created it because I can see that there is a real need for a decentralized way for people to have their own independently administered and run space for their projects. You won't get the bullshit that flies in Bastion where administrators from other nations can compromise your forums with a couple clicks. And hopefully, you won't get the same pervasive clique mentality over there here because of the independence as well.

I am starting this topic because I'd like to speak to everyone about what they'd like to see from MNCommunities. I'm hoping to start using the host's Google and Bing credits they have gifted me with the account to promote MNCommunities online and attract new blood to our communities. Micronationalism for the last few years has been dying, and dwindling down to the same two little cliques - we need more people, fresh new thinking, new blood and a good atmosphere to retain them. I think the latter is where we have the most potential in success. We are new, providing a fresh approach, and I think we're all nice and friendly people. I believe we can do well in this, better than Bastion. Now's the time to focus, put together a battle plan.

Thoughts? Ideas? I also have never been too familiar with Google AdWords or Bing ads, so if anyone has any insight on putting together a killer ad campaign.
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Realizing the promise of MNCommunities - Edgard - 08-02-2015, 07:13 PM

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